Gangwon Tour

Brilliant, Gangwon

Gangwon decorated with colorful spring flowers

Dynamic Gangwon

Rafting, surfing, swimming, hiking, Climbing
Summer of Gangwon is Dynamic

Beautiful Gangwon

Mountain of Gangwon is Beautiful
Mountain is waiting for you.

Sports Gangwon

2018 Winter Olympics will be held in Gangwon-do
Gangwon is the Mecca of winter sports

Column for Theme Tour

  • Wonju History Museum 2

    (Steles)We now go to the Goryeo Dynasty. Among the various artifacts proving that Wonju was the center of Buddhism, what stands out most are the steles from Geodonsa, Beobcheonsa, and Heungbeobsa Temp

  • Wonju History Museum

    Facing the long history and culture of Wonju.Travel InformationWonju History Museum, which contains the history and culture of Wonju that is a city of nature and art, is a place of education to learn