Hoengseong Pungsuwon Cathedral and Artifact Exhibit Seen

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Hoengseong Pungsuwon Cathedral and Artifact Exhibit Seen in Its Past Form

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Have you heard about Pungsuwon Cathedral, the first cathedral built by a Korean priest? Pungsuwon is the fourth cathedral built in Korea and it has a tranquil ambience that relaxes the soul. In the fall, we left the city and walked into Pungsuwon Cathedral to feel the leisure harmonizing with nature.

During the Catholic Persecution of 1801, around 40 believers fled and settled down at Pungsuwon. Pungsuwon Cathedral, which preserves its original look, was designated as Gangwon-do Tangible Cultural Heritage 69 in 1982. The parish church was founded in 1888 by the French clergyman Le Merre, and then Father Jung Gyu-ha completed it in 1907 in its current state. 

(Cultural Tourism Commentator Kim Gwang-hong)
This is commentator Kim Gwang-hong who will tell us the story about the Hoengseong Pungsuwon Cathedral and Artifact Exhibit. Time flew while listening to the stories about the Pungsuwon Cathedral by the commentator.

(Pungsuwon Historic Site)

(Pungsuwon Cathedral sign)
At Pungsuwon we head up the hill towards Pungsuwon Cathedral. There is a stone monument called the Pungsuwon Cathedral Historic Site that was built in 1888, and if we go just pass it, there is a sign telling visitors the direction towards Pungsuwon Cathedral.

(Pungsuwon Cathedral)                                 (Pungsuwon Cathedral)
Once you reach the top of the hill, you will face Pungsuwon Cathedral. The walls built with red bricks and the sharp four-story bell tower is so picturesque that it has often been used for filming movies and dramas.

(Interior of Pungsuwon Cathedral)

(Interior of Pungsuwon Cathedral)
When you step inside Pungsuwon Cathedral, you have to take off your shoes and sit on the floor just like the old times. It has been over a hundred years since the cathedral was erected it, but the fact that it keeps its old look is fascinating. 

(Shrine stamp)                                           (Shrine stamp)
There is a shrine stamp at the entrance to Pungsuwon Cathedral. I stamped this on my palm, which is a great memory for people who visited the cathedral. Leaving traces of travels will offer unforgettable memories.

(Old rectory exterior)                                     (Old rectory information sign)
Let’s go to the back of Pungsuwon Cathedral. This building, which was used as a rectory, is the oldest building in Korea among brick rectories, which preserves its original form well, and it was designated as Modern History Cultural Artifact Registered Cultural Heritage 163 in 2005. 

(Chasuble and Cappa)                                   (Cross)
Inside the rectory are valuable books, incense burners, incense plates, oil stocks, and various crosses and rosarium that were stored at Pungsuwon Cathedral. 

(Path of the Cross)