Hoengseong Pungsuwon Cathedral and Artifact Exhibit Seen 2

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(Stone table engraving of Jesus’ Trials)               (Stone table engraving of Jesus’ Trials)
After we leave the old rectory, we head towards the Path of the Cross, where believers pray while remembering the trials of Jesus on the stairs located left of the cathedral. There are 14 illustrated engravings that you can see while walking up the stairs, and these were made by Lee Cheol-soo. While seeing the 14 stone tablets that show the trials of Jesus while walking up the stairs, you will feel a long echo of a pious feeling.

(Statue of Holy Virgin Maria and Jesus on the Cross)
Once you reach the end of the Path of the Cross, you will arrive at a spacious lot where there is a stature of the Holy Virgin Maria and Jesus on the Cross. The quiet area offers a place for a moment of silence for anyone, regardless of religion.

(Sermon Space)

(Sermon Space)
After passing the statues of the Holy Virgin Maria and Jesus, you will arrive at the Sermon Space. It is an open space so many believers can congregate here, and therefore, this is where various events such as the Pungsuwon Eucharistic Congress are held. The 93rd Eucharistic Congress was joined by over 10,000 Catholics from around the nation.

(Artifact Exhibit sign)                                    (Artifact Exhibit)
Once you pass the Sermon Space, you will arrive at the Artifact Exhibit. It is filled with artifacts that showed the difficult lifestyle during the persecution, and the artifacts were donated by Choi Su-beom (Peter). 

(Palanquin)                           (Feces basket)

(Old Mother Statue)                 (Chamber pot, Brass coins, etc.)
The exhibit is comprised of exhibits in a total of four areas from Exhibit 1 to the Hall Exhibit. Exhibit 1 has on display farming tools that common people of that time used. Most of the artifacts on display here are the original artifacts and are on display in their natural form. 

(Cross)                             (Catholic Books)
Exhibit 2 contains items that priests used in the past during mass. 

(Exhibit 3)                             (Pots)
Exhibit 3 has on display artifacts along a narrow hall, and in the middle is another hall that has on display various pots. Once you pass the Hall exhibit, you will arrive at the exit of the Artifact Exhibit.
We took a look around Pungsuwon Cathedral is more attractive as it houses the life, happiness and sorrows of the common people, while maintaining its original appearance, and the Artifact Exhibit. Take a trip to Pungsuwon Cathedral that combines the charms of the past and the charms of the seasons.

(Korean beef hangover broth)
Hoengseong is famous for hanu, or Korean beef. Heongseong has big daily temperature ranges, clear water and clean environment. The Korean beef cattle raised in Heongseong thus has rich a rich juicy flavor, great taste, and is soft, and thus, a bowl of the hangover broth with hanu will add great taste to your travels in Hoengseong.

● Go 13.00km along Olympicdae-ro → Misadae-ro (3.8km) → Ganggyeong-ro (60.2km) → Left towards 'Yuhyeon 2-ri, Pungsuwon Cathedral ' → 296m along Gyeonggangroyuhyeon 1-gil