Chuncheon Animation Museum

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Back to Childhood in the Winter. Chuncheon Animation Museum

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Have you ever fell in love with a TV cartoon when you were young? Chuncheon Animation Museum, the only animation museum in Korea, has on display and introduces the history and origin of animation, as well as animations from around the world. Why not take a trip to the world of animations this winter to go back to your childhood?

(Animation Museum)
The animation museum that represents Chuncheon was established to find, collect, store, display and research material on animation. It is two stories tall and displays the history and principles of animations on the first floor, while the second floor displays world animation and also has an experience center. 

(Cultural tourism commentator Park Sung-soo)

Mr. Park Sung-soo is our commentator today who will tell us about the animation museum. This trip will be more meaningful and valuable with our commentator who has deep knowledge and tells us the story about the animation museum, as well as untold stories of Chuncheon.

(Hongbi and Hongshi)

The Cloud Bread character, the mascot of the museum, greets us at the entrance. Next to it are signs that tell us where the Toy Robot Hall, Outdoor stage, and cafes are aside from the animation museum.

(Exhibit 1st floor entrance)
We enter the Animation Museum and head towards the entrance of the first floor exhibit. The entrance is in the shape of a camera lens and we enter it to learn more about animation now.

(Altamira cave paintings)                           
Once you go past the entrance, you will first see the Altamira cave paintings. The Altamira cave painting looks as if though life is blown into the four legs of a boar that is stopped, and it is said that this is the start of animation. 

(Comma filming animation)                              (Color animation)
After passing the origin of animation, we learn about the creation techniques of animation. There are various methods such as making movies using shadows, or make it protrude outwards and add light to create shadows. Turning pages one at a time to make it look like it moves is called comma filming. At first, it was made by turning 8 frames per second, but afterwards, the filming technique was developed so that the pictures in the front and back do not overlap.

(History of Korean animation)

(History of Korean animation)
When we go in further, there is a comic book street that will remind moms and dads about their childhood. Comic book stores and photo studios of the 1970s were recreated, and in the center are on display Korea’s animation comic books, audio script of Hong Gil-dong, etc. 

(2nd floor animation hall)
We learned about the origin of animation. Now, we will go up to the second floor that has on display world animations. 

(Japanese animation exhibit)                           (Atom)

(European animation exhibit)                            (US animation exhibit)
It is divided into US, European, Eastern European, Chinese and Japanese animation zones, and visitors can meet animation characters that represent their respective countries. Atom and Simpson can be seen at the Japanese exhibit, Pierrot at the European exhibit, and Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry at the US exhibit.