Chuncheon Animation Museum

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(Pin screen)
Once you pass the world animation exhibit, you will arrive at the pin screen, which is the most popular attraction of the Animation Museum. Pin screen is an animation technique where you can push and pull on the screen to create shadow figures, and then the shadow is filmed. 

(Global figures of animation)
Next shows a brief introduction of global figures who wrote the history of animation. Without these amazing people, we probably would not have today’s animation.

(View from the 2nd floor hallway)

(Sound studio)
We pass the second story hallway and enter the Sound Studio. It is an experience hall where you can use tools to dub sounds, and in the studio right next to it, there is a dubbing experience facility where visitors can dub the voices in animations.

(Piddley Pom experience center / Cloud Bread experience center) 

(‘Run Hani’ special exhibit)
We pass the Sound Studio and go to another exhibit hall. The Piddley Pom experience center is a play room with air bounce for young children to play in and visitors can also take a look at special animation exhibits at the Cloud Bread experience center. The special exhibit ‘Run Hani! Fly Korean Ani!’ is planned for the 2016 Chuncheon Animation Festival.

(Museum shop souvenir sales)

(Museum shop cafeteria Tin Toy)
We toured the Animation Museum. At the Museum Shop on the first floor, there are various character souvenirs including Cloud Bread characters, and a snack store past the souvenir shop.

(Uiamho Lake)

(Uiamho Lake bicycle path)
After taking a look around the Animation Museum, you might want to go outside and enjoy the scenery of Uiamho Lake. Uiamho is famous for its beautiful scenery to be enjoyed on bike or car.


This is Chuncheon’s specialty, Chuncheon dakgalbi (spicy stir-friend chicken with vegetables). The generous serving of cabbage and sauce will make one salivate even before it is done cooking. Enjoying a meal of spicy and sweet dakgalbi and the tasty makguksu (cold buckwheat noodles) will add flavor to your childhood trip to Chuncheon.

- Bus: Get on bus 83 (towards Shinmae-daegyo, Seomyeon Office) (Chuncheon Station) at the Chuncheon Station bus stop and get off at the Animation Museum stop and walk about 223m.