Donghae Nongoldamgil

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Story Filled in a Painting. Donghae Nongoldamgil

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How about taking a trip not in search of extravagance, but simplicity and warm feelings? Donghae Nongoldamgil is famous as a mural village. Nongoldamgil’s name means an alley filled with simple wall paintings based on the story of Mukho. When taking a stroll here, you can see the life of Mukho melted into the murals.
(‘Deungdae Geu Jip’ Cafe)
Nongoldamgil, which is the path that leads to Donghae Mukho Lighthouse, is famous for the colorful murals when walking along the mural village. It is a great place for couples and for solo travelers to visit. Don’t forget to take some photos to remember your trip here.

(Nongoldamgil village map)
Before going up the Nongoldamgil, we should check the village map first. There are a total of four ways to go such as Deungdaeoreum-gil and Nongol 1-gil to Nongol 3-gil. Nongol 1-gil is an alley where the past and present of Mukho coexists, Nongol 2-gil is the village of a loving heart for Mukho and Nongoldamgil, and Nongol 3-gil is path of memories, while Deungdaeoreum-gil is an alley where you can see the wall paintings of the local residents. 

(Colorful brick path)

(‘Blue Ocean’ cafe)
Whichever of the four paths you take with the Nongoldamgil, you can arrive at Mukho Lighthouse. It not only contains beautiful murals, but is also a place to enjoy the vast and open view of the ocean. While slowly walking up, you can also enjoy bricks painted with different colors, hand rails, and pinwheels.

(Murals painted throughout the village)

(Murals painted throughout the village)
While passing the Nongoldamgil, you can see various wall paintings everywhere you go. Unlike other mural villages with extravagant and pretty paintings, the wall paintings here show the actual life of the village, and the paintings made by the residents are also simple, yet charming. 

(Fish sculpture at the rest area)
The colorful fish sculptures that you can see while passing the Nongolho alley are art pieces that you won’t be able to just pass by. There is a rest area here so that you can take a break while taking in the surrounding scenery after climbing up the hill.

(Nongoldamgil murals)
How about taking a walk at Nongoldamgil at Donghae to spend quality time with your loved ones, and melting your hearts in the cold winter? 

Go 1.94km along Olympicdaero → Gwangju-Wonju Expressway (55.5km) → Yeongdong Expressway (105.1km) → Donghae Expressway (37.2km) → Left turn towards 'Gangneung, Mangsang Beach' → At Nobong Intersection, right turn towards 'Mukhohang, Daejin, Eodalang, Daejin, Eodal Beach' → Go along Ilchul-ro for 2.94km and make right turn → Go 1.65km along Haemaji-gil