Field of history and culture

Gangwon-do possesses various historical / cultural resources from prehistoric to the modern age, and it is the best place for historic/cultural experience and education. Old data is preserved in museums and memorial halls, and historic regional culture such as national property and national treasures is succeeded according to the characteristics of the region. In particular, the DMZ, the only buffer area in the world, is connected with tourist attractions. Also, it is the field of active exchange between South and North Korea through the overland route to Mt. Geumgangsan and tourist ship to Mt. Baekdusan.

Field of history and culture
Field of history and culture
National treasure/treasure/
historic site/picturesque place
346 places throughout the province
Old house/birthplace/folk village 23 places throughout the province
Old palace/Confucian temple 11 places throughout the province
Buddhist temple/statue/tower/bronze bell 41 places throughout the province
Catholic(Christian) sacred ground Hoengseong Pungsuwon Catholic Church
Museum/Memorial Hall 46 places throughout the province
Principle persons 23 memorable persons in each field
Security and military resource 16 places around DMZ
5-day market and traditional market 33 places throughout the province

Drama/Film open studio

The best drama and films, that are loved by all Asians, such as and etc. were filmed in several places in Gangwon-do, and the places are favorite destinations for foreigners and various tourist products are being developed at this time.

Drama/Film open studio
Drama/Film open studio
Famous Drama Locations 25 places throughout the province including the famous TV serial drama “Winter Sonata”
Popular Film Locations 16 places throughout the province including the open studio of Cheongpung Myeongwol

World festival

Festivals such as the Gangneung Dano Festival, Yangyang Mushroom Festival and International Mime Festival are held every season in conjunction with tradition, modernization, culture and play according to several themes around the Gangwon-do province. In particular, the Chuncheon Puppet Festival, Gangneung Dano Festival, Chuncheon International Theatre Festival, Chuncheon Mime Festival and Wonju International Tattoo etc. are popular with both foreign and domestic visitors.

World festival
World festival
Festival 208 festivals in the whole province

Convenient transportation and resting resort

With the opening of Yangyang International Airport and the expansion of the express highway, the domestic and foreign transportation network into Gangwon-do is more convenient. Also, a multi-resort project will upgrade existing resorts is being expanded and promoted. Gangwonland Casino, ‘the Las Vegas of Asia’, will present a special experience and the hot spring resort complex made by the natural environment of Gangwon-do provides heavenly pleasure.

Convenient transportation and resting resort

(Airport <-> Sokcho: 15 minutes / Airport <-> Gangneung: 28 minutes / Airport <-> central city of Seoul: 2h 30 minutes)

Convenient transportation and resting resort
Hot springs /mineral water 28 in the whole province
Tourist farm 42 in the whole province
Natural recreation forest 18 in the whole province
Other facilities 29 in the whole province

Natural treasure

In Gangwon-do, approximately 80% of the area consists of mountainous district and various kinds of animals and plants are spread out around the clean and clear rivers that flow around the mountains. Also, with 3 national parks of Mts. Seoraksan, Odaesan, and Chiaksan, and several picturesque places, it can be said this is truly a natural treasure. It is also designated and protected as a natural preserve.

Natural treasure
Natural treasure
National Park Mt. Seoraksan National Park
Mt. Odaesan National Park
Mt. Chiaksan National Park
Provincial Park Gyeongpo Provincial Park
Naksan Provincial Park
Mt. Taebaeksan Provincial Park
Swimming beach 74 places along the east coast
Sunrise/beautiful sea view/
unique-shaped rocks
17 places along the east coast
Principle climbing course 95 places besides the main route of Seoraksan Mountain
Tracking course 12 trekking courses in each famous mountain
Lake 20 places throughout the province
River/Valley 102 places throughout the province
Village resort 41 places throughout the province
Natural Cave 10 places throughout the province
Cascade 45 places throughout the province
Natural ecological tourist attractions 8 places throughout the province
Other tourist attractions 73 places in the whole province

Heaven of leisure sports

Gangwon-do has been the center of winter sports in Asia since the 99 Winter Asian Games were held here and we were appointed as a candidate city for the 2014 Winter Olympics. In addition, it has the optimum natural environment and facility for leisure sports such as hiking, rafting, bungee jumping, MTB, and trekking etc.

Heaven of leisure sports
Heaven of leisure sports
Resort/Ski/Golf course 30 places throughout the province
Drive course/hiking 17 places throughout the province
Rafting/MTB/Paragliding/bungee jump 10 places throughout the province
Game preserve/fishing 78 places throughout the province
Tourist ship 3 places along the east coast
Skate/snow sledging 11 places throughout the province
Game preserve/Shooting gallery 2 places in the province
Auto camp place 8 places throughout the province
training facility 33 places throughout the province
Race course/riding 4 places throughout the province
Water/ground/air reports 12 places throughout the province