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Festival to Experience Korea’s Cultural Heritage, Jeongseon Arirang!Jeongseon Arirang Festival

festival information

The Jeongseon Arirang Festival is held annually to preserve, pass on and develop Jeongseon Arirang, Gangwon-do’s first intangible cultural heritage.
It has been developed as an annual cultural festival since 1976 in order to preserve and pas on the Jeongseon Arirang to future generations.

Arirang performance

└ Arirang performance

Jeongseon Arirang was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity on December 6, 2012, and it is a living cultural heritage that is continuously being created and sung even up to this point at Jeongseon with over 5,000 lyrics being recorded.

Traditional performance

└ Traditional performance

The ‘Arirang Gilnori’, which is a massive performance joined by 1,600 people during the Arirang Festival, is joined by participants of various age groups from kindergarten to the elderly from nine eup and myeon areas demonstrating beautiful attractions based on the Jeongseon Arirang.

Nongak performance

└ Nongak performance

The Jeongseon Arirang Festival is a national participation-type festival for not only Gangwon-do, but other regions that also prepared for the Jeongseon Arirang Festival such as the singing contest, traditional culture reproduction, and artistic events. It has various events such as poetry contests, calligraphy displays, and traditional performances to offer participants meaningful memories and unique attractions to tourists.

Arirang Festival performance

└ Arirang Festival performance

In addition to things to see, Arirang Festival also has various auxiliary events and food such as multi-cultural food and traditional clothing experiences. The folk experience events utilizing regional characteristics offer unique joys to tourists and are great for the entire family to enjoy.
The Jeongseon Arirang Festival to experience folk music and traditional culture!
If you wish to experience the traditional cultures of the Korean people and the beautiful autumn sentiments of Jeongseon, take a trip to Jeongseon.


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