Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Hoengseong Deodeok Cuisine

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Hoengseong is Korea’s largest producer of deodeok (mountain herb roots) and accounts for 26% of the entire production in the nation. Deodeok is a crop affected by the environment in which it grows, and it is grown in the clean natural environment of Taegisan (Mt.). Its taste, scent and medicinal effects change greatly depending on where it grows. Hoengseong is rich in organic matter, has optimal climate, clear waters, and deep soil depth making it perfect for growing deodeok. Through ceaseless research and the latest technologies, the nation’s best deodeok are being grown here.

Grilled Hoengseong Deodeok

└ Grilled Hoengseong Deodeok

Hoengseong deodeok is famous because of its soft and crispy grains and strong scents because it is grown in the natural environment of Hoengseong that has great soil quality and clean waters. Aged deodeok is said to be even better for the human body than wild ginseng, and Hoengseong deodeok contains an especially high amount of saponin so it is receiving attention as the greatest health food.

Hoengseong Deodeok Cuisine

└ Hoengseong Deodeok Cuisine

The Hoengseong Deodeok Festival that is held every year at Hoengseong invites visitors to see and purchase the best quality deodeok produced and sold by deodeok farmers in Hoengseong. Visitors can also enjoy various dishes made with deodeok as well. Hoengseong, which is the biggest plantation for deodeok in Korea, naturally developed a wide variety of dishes made with deodeok. Grilled deodeok, which is the most popular dish made with deodeok in Hoengseong, is made by adding a sweet and spicy sauce on the deodeok and then grilling. There is an array of other dishes such as deodeok rice, chilled deodeok, pickled deodeok, deodeok salad, and deodeok jabchae (noodles and vegetables) so that visitors can choose from a variety of deodeok dishes to suit their taste buds.

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