Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Yeongwol Buckwheat Crepe

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Buckwheat crepe is a representative food of Yeongwol. Finely ground buckwheat is made into a light batter, and then it is used to wrap radish, cabbage and meat. It is cooked with different ingredients depending on the region. In Yeongwol of Gangwon-do, mustard leaf kimchi is sliced and placed in the buckwheat crepe, and recently, cabbage kimchi and pork were added as well.

Making Buckwheat Crepe

└ Making Buckwheat Crepe

Buckwheat has cold properties, it can be enjoyed chilled in the summer and contains high contents of antioxidants and dietary fibers, so it is excellent for anti-aging and preventing constipation. It was also reported to be good for dieting because it is not only low in calories, but it also helps suppress the accumulation of body fat. In addition, it is very filling to enjoy as a delicacy that will fill you up.
Buckwheat crepe can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages and is a highly sought-after snack among tourists to Yeongwol. Once a person tastes this, they enjoy it so much that they order more for take-out or delivery.

Buckwheat Crepe

└ Buckwheat Crepe

To get a true taste of Yeongwol buckwheat crepe, visit the Yeongwol Seobu Market. This is a traditional market located in the center of Yeongwol-gun and offers various tastes and attractions of Yeongwol including buckwheat crepes and corn noodles visited by many people.
Buckwheat crepes are healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by anyone at cheap prices!
Make more of your trip to Yeongwol with buckwheat crepes made with kimchi and meats.

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