Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Pyeongchang Buckwheat Makguksu

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Pyeongchang, which is the setting of Lee Hyo-seok’s novel ‘When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’, is the home of buckwheat. The huge buckwheat flower fields used as the setting of the novel produce tons of buckwheat and therefore, Pyeongchang is famous for buckwheat makguksu (cold buckwheat noodles) made with buckwheat. Buckwheat makguksu is a local food of Gangwon-do that has been enjoyed from long ago. Pyeongchang is a highland area and suitable for growing buckwheat. The harvest is big and has high quality, so it is said to taste better than buckwheat from other regions.

Buckwheat Makguksu

└ Buckwheat Makguksu

Pyeongchang Buckwheat Makguksu is made up of thick and chewy noodles made with buckwheat, fermented sauce, vegetables and a broth. It is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed comfortably making it a popular dish nationwide. It awakens the appetites of gourmets all year round. There is the most basic and most popular makguksu, as well as other types such as wild vegetable makguksu, pheasant makguksu and hot makguksu depending on it toppings and variations. Also, jaengban makguksu (buckwheat noodles served in a tray) made by mixing assorted vegetables with makguksu on a wide tray is great for many people to enjoy together.

Pyeongchang Buckwheat Dishes

└ Pyeongchang Buckwheat Dishes

Pyeongchang Buckwheat Makguksu’s main ingredient is buckwheat, which can clean the blood and tasty sauces and toppings add to the savory taste of the noodles. You can forget about the hot summers with a bowl of the cool broth of the noodles. Buckwheat is a low-calorie food containing high contents of essential amino acids and vitamin B, and is recommended for meals when dieting. Furthermore, it can prevent aging and has skin cosmetic functions, while also lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels, making it a health food that can help prevent high blood pressure and diabetes, which are huge concerns for modern people today.

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