Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Jeongseon Gondre Rice

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Jeongseon Gondre Rice is one of the most famous local dishes of Jeongseon. It is rice made with gondre (cirsium setidens), which is a specialty vegetable of Jeongseon. While it looks simple, it is very healthy, and it maximizes the taste of the ingredient well. It can be enjoyed men and women of all ages, and it is a representative food of Jeongseon that many tourists make sure to taste when they come to Jeongseon.

Ingredients of Gondre Rice

└ Ingredients of Gondre Rice

This plant is called gondre in Jeongseon and other parts of Gangwon-do, and its official name is cirsium setidens. Come May, wild vegetables and herbs grow all around Jeongseon. The reason why Jeongseon’s gondre is so famous is because its taste and scent is milder than other wild greens and it is great for eating with rice or cooking in a soup. Furthermore, it is safe to eat even in large amounts and therefore, it was consumed at almost every meal in the past when food was scarce.

Gondre Rice

└ Gondre Rice

Gondre Rice is a simple meal made by parboiling gondre and adding salt and sesame oil to it, and then placing it on top of rice before cooking the rice. It is common to eat it with sauce based on soy sauce, but the people of Jeongseon also eat it with home-made soybean paste sauces.

Gondre Rice Table d’hote

└ Gondre Rice Table d’hote

Gondre rice is rich in dietary fibers so it can be easily digested by the elderly or children who have weak digestive functions, and it is effective against constipation and is great for dieting. It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins and is thus good for preventing adult diseases. As the taste and functions of gondre became known, tourists to Jeongseon began looking to get a taste of gondre rice. While gondre rice is available in different parts of the nation as well, gondre rice in Jeongseon is clearly different with its generous servings and unique taste.

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