Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Jeongseon Kotdeung-chigi-guksu

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Another famous local food of Jeongseon, Gangwon-do has a unique name ‘Kotdeung-chigi-guksu’, which literally means that the ‘noodles will slap your nose’ when slurping the noodles as it is very chewy and elastic. It is also called ‘Kotdeung-twigi’ because it is said that sweat will form on your nose when eating it when it is hot.

Making noodles

└ Making noodles

The main ingredient of Kotdeung-chigi-guksu is buckwheat. Buckwheat is known to make the stomach stronger and give energy while also clearing the mind, making it a healthy food. Buckwheat noodle is placed in a broth together with ground potato balls, zucchini and other vegetables, and spiced with soy sauce depending on preference. First-timers eating this may feel a soupy, yet savory taste. The potatoes in the warm soup make the meal even more satisfying. In the summer, it is also served cold, and the kotdeung-chigi-guksu in a cold broth is quite a treat. Kotdeung-chigi-guksu has thicker and flatter noodles compared to other noodles, and it has better texture than ordinary noodles.


└ Kotdeung-chigi-guksu

These noodles are a local food of the Jeongseon area from long ago and used to be called ‘Nureun-guksu’, but it is better known today as ‘kotdeung-chigi-guksu’. In Yeongwol, it is called ‘Ggoldu-guksu’, and it is said that so much of this was eaten in the past when the nation was in poverty, people never wanted to eat this again. Kotdeung-chigi-guksu can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and it is a unique meal of Jeongseon, so visitors should all try it at least once when visiting Jeongseon.

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