Local Foods of Gangwon-do

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Yangyang pine mushroom stew

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Yangyang pine mushrooms grow on the succulent roots of 20 to 30-year-old pine trees. It is a valuable mushroom and is nicknamed the ‘prince of mushrooms’. In the past it was said that the most valuable mushroom was the pine mushroom, followed by neungi mushroom, shiitake mushroom and manna lichen, and it has excellent smell and taste. Yangyang of Gangwon-do has many pine trees in Korea, and production is high in this area making Yangyang pine mushrooms one of the best mushrooms in the nation.

Yangyang Pine Mushroom

└ Yangyang Pine Mushroom

In October of every year, gourmets from around the nation flock to Yangyang because this is when pine mushrooms are harvested. Compared to the pine mushrooms of other regions, the pine mushrooms at Yangyang have low moisture content and rich scent making it popular not only among Koreans, but also foreigners such as Japanese. The Yangyang pine mushrooms that can be harvested only once a year are so fragrant that just a small piece will stimulate your olfactory nerves. The Yangyang pine mushrooms not only have great taste and scents, but also has nutrients beneficial to the human body. These mushrooms have high contents of not only vitamin B1 and B2, but also minerals and unsaturated fatty acids that help improve human immunity.

Yangyang pine mushroom stew

└ Yangyang pine mushroom stew

Yangyang is the home of pine mushrooms and offers various meals made of pine mushrooms. Some choices included bulgogi (marinated beef) with pine mushrooms, pine mushroom hot pot, pine mushroom rice, and pine mushroom stew. The pine mushroom stew is the most popular dish among tourists. Various mushrooms, vegetables and beef are placed in a large earthen pot and it is topped with pine mushrooms and boiled. You can first enjoy the strong scent of pine mushrooms with your nose, and then the scent of the pine mushrooms permeating in the broth with your mouth. The broth is mild and therefore can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. This is a healthy dish and should be tried at least once if you are visiting Yangyang during the pine mushroom harvest season.

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