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Deokpung Valley 대표이미지1

Deokpung Valley

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Located far away from Samcheok downtown, the Gagok-myeon Sojae's Deokpung Valley is a place that preserves the natural beauty of nature. About 1.5km away from the Deokpung Village is the #1 water fall and camp area which is approximately 40m deep. About 1.5km from this location is the #2 water fall and camp area where the water is as deep as #1 water falls. Here, there is a rock-area valley that extends 3km to reach the #3 water fall. If you go from the Deokpung Valley Management Office along the unpaved road, you will come upon the large and small valley of cows and camping ground. Also, during the summer peak season the villagers prepare a variety of events for you to enjoy.

44, Deokpung-gil, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do

Tour guide

At the Deokpung Valley, you can enjoy the swimming and valley hiking where you can enjoy two activities at once which is also known as the best tracking area that is loved by many tourists. The Deokpung Valley Tracking started off with the Deokpung mountain cabin. There are 3 camping areas along the tracking trail: camping #1, camping #2, camping #3 where you can choose the track of your preference. If you follow the rock road and stairs you will come upon beautiful formations of rocks, deep puddles, a deep valley that you can see inside due to clear water, and many more variety of attractions that will keep your eyes enjoyable. From time to time you can enjoy swimming in the valley and rest in the hot weather, and also enjoy camping at the camping areas.

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