Olympic Stadium

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Pyeongchang2018 Gangneung Curling Centre

Gangneung Curling Centre

└ Gangneung Curling Centre

wheelchar curling

└ wheelchar curling


632, Gyo-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do


Capacity 4 Floor Aboveground + 1 Levels Underground

Field of play Four Sheets

Spectator Seating 3,500 Seats


Curling - Men 1 Events : Men's Curling
- Women 1 Events : Women's Curling
- Etc 1 Events : Mixed Doubles Curling

Major Competitions

- 1999 Winter Asian Games
- 2005 ISU 4 Continent Figure Skating Championships
- 2007 ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Championships
- 2009 World Women's Curling Championship
- 2011 ISU World Figure Skating Championships


Car When traveling by car, search ‘North Gangneung Parking Lot / West Gangneung Parking Lot / Gangneung Station Parking Lot’ on your navigation system.
Park at either North Gangneung Parking Lot, West Gangneung Parking Lot or Gangneung Station Parking Lot and walk to the shuttle bus stop.
Take the spectator shuttle bus to Gangneung Olympic Park.

Bus When using express (inter-city) buses, get off at ‘Gangneung Bus Terminal’.
Take the spectator shuttle bus from the bus stop to Gangneung Olympic Park.

KTX When using the KTX, get off at 'Gangneung Station (KTX)'.
Walk or take spectator shuttle bus from Gangneung Station to Gangneung Olympic Park.

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