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Yeongwol Seogang Tourist Attraction Course Filled with Sad History of Danjong

Travel Info

Introduction of course

Yeongwol Station- Jangneung- Bukssang Three-way Intersection- Media Reporter Museum- Korean Peninsula Topography- Yeondang Station- Gwangcheon Branch School- Cheongnyeongpo- Yeongwol Station



You start at Yeongwol Station. With your back to the station, pass Deokpo Intersection on the right and pass Donggangdaegyo (Br.). From Guncheong Intersection, go towards Jecheon and Jangneung, pass the Yeongwol Fire Station and you will arrive at Jangneung.



└ Jangneung

Let’s first stop and learn about the hidden story about Jangneung.
When the fifth king of the Joseon Dynasty Munjong died, Crown Prince Danjong took the throne at the age of 12. However, his uncle Suyang Daegun took all his rights and he became the abdicated king. Sung Sang-moon and Park Paeng-nyeon tried to restore the throne to Danjong, but they were executed and Danjong was exiled to Yeongwol. When plans by another uncle, Geumseong Daegun, who was also in exile, to restore Danjong to the throne was discovered, his class was lowered to ordinary person and he faced his death. During the reign of Sukjong, his status was restored and name changed to Danjong, and the name of his throne was called Jangneung.

Bukssang Three-way Street

Baeilchi Hill

└ Baeilchi Hill

Go left from Jangneung Three-way Street. Pass Sonagijae Seondol tourist attraction and take a left at Yeongwol Three-way Intersection, and take a right at Bukssang Three-way Intersection and you will reach Baeilchi Hill.

Media Reporter Museum

Media Reporter Museum

└ Media Reporter Museum

Once you pass Baeilchi Tunnel and Deokseong Tunnel, you will see the Media Reporter Museum to the left. Take the hilly path on the left and the paved road will stop, and a path made of dirt and gravel will appear.

Korean Peninsula Topography

 Korean Peninsula Topography

└ Korean Peninsula Topography

Follow the Seonam Village and Korean Peninsula Topography sign and you will reach a fork in a downhill road. On the left is a path where you can see the shape of the Korean Peninsula and to the right is the path to Seonam Village.
Places where the river makes a sharp turn are called muldori in Korean, and it can be seen in places throughout Korea. This muldori, which is where Seogang (Riv.) of Yeongwol flows gained attention as it is the shape of the Korean Peninsula. At the Korean Peninsula Topography parking lot, choose from Seoganggil (2km round trip) or a shortcut (1.6km).

Yeondang Station

Deulgolgyo (Br.)

└ Deulgolgyo (Br.)

Yeondang Station

└ Yeondang Station

Go along Pyeongchanggang (Riv.) from the Korean Peninsula Topography parking lot for about 4km and pass Deulgol Village and pass Deulgol (Br.).
Take the hill on the left and then take a left at the fork in the road and you will arrive at Yeondang Station.
Go straight at the intersection and pass Yeondang Elementary School and Yeondang Post Office. Proceed and you will arrive at the intercity bus terminal and then pass the bridge (Yangyeongyo) on the right.

Gwangcheongyo (Br.)


└ Railway

Gwangcheon Branch School

└ Gwangcheon Branch School

Pass the Yeondang 4-ri Town Hall and from Yangyeongyo (Br.) go 4.3km and take the left at the fork in the road. Pass the closed Gwangcheon Branch School and the 3.4km downhill sector that meets the railway will appear.



└ Cheongnyeongpo

Cheongnyeongpo is where Danjong stayed for two months at Gwanpungheon before being executed by poison. Take a look at Danjongeoso, Gwaneumsong, and Nosandae that leads to the walking trail to read about the sad story of Danjong.

Yeongwol Station

 Yeongwol Station

└ Yeongwol Station

At Cheongnyeongpo parking lot, go straight towards downtown Yeongwol and you will see Yeongwol Fire Station. Take a right and pass Donggangdaegyo (Br.) and you will finally reach your destination of Yeongwol Station.

This ends the Yeongwol Seogang Course where you can take a ride while feeling the sorrow and resentment of Danjong, the sixth king of Joseon. Enjoy the fresh air while riding and also learn about history.

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