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Cheorwon Yonghwa-dong Course with Sambuyeon Falls and a Hidden Valley

Travel Info

Course Introduction

Cheorwon Terminal- Sambuyeon Falls- Yonghwa Reservoir- Yonghwa-dong Village- Bethel Farm Three-way Intersection- Forest Path Top Three-way Intersection- Forest Path- Valley Path- Thicket Path- Yeolnae Ranch



The hot summer will make you want to take a trip somewhere. How about taking a ride to the Cheorwon Yonghwa-dong Forest Path that is home to Sambuyeon Falls where you can experience the cool water and other smaller waterfalls.

Cheorwon Terminal

Cheorwon-gun Office Intersection

└ Cheorwon-gun Office Intersection

Way to bicycle path

└ Way to bicycle path

From Shincheorwon Terminal, take the path on the right and go to the Cheorwongun Office Intersection. At the intersection, go straight to the bicycle path.

Sambuyeon Falls

Sambuyeon Falls

└ Sambuyeon Falls


└ Oryonggul

After going 2km from Shincheorwon Terminal, Sambuyeon Falls will appear. This waterfall, which was named Sambuyeon because it is said that there is a waterfall basin that looks like three caldrons, was also painted by the acclaimed painter Gyeomjae Jung Seon. Right next to it is Oryonggul. This tunnel was made by man by explosion for the convenience of the residents of Yonghwa-dong and for soldiers to get to the shooting range.

Yonghwa Reservoir

Yonghwa Reservoir

└ Yonghwa Reservoir

Sign to Yonghwa-dong

└ Sign to Yonghwa-dong

After going about 2km from Sambuyeon Falls, you will arrive at the Yonghwa Reservoir. When looking across the reservoir, you will see Yonghwa-dong Village located on the foot of the mountain. Go along the reservoir and once you see the sign to Yonghwa-dong, pass the bridge on the left.

Yonghwa-dong Village

Shincherwon 3-ri Multi-purpose Building

└ Shincherwon 3-ri Multi-purpose Building

Auto Camping Site (Formerly Yonghwa Branch School)

└ Auto Camping Site (Formerly Yonghwa Branch School)

Pass the bridge and proceed for about 1km along the reservoir and you will find the Shincheorwon 3-ri Multi-purpose Building and the Yonghwa Branch School that has been transformed to an auto camping site.

Bethel Farm Three-way Intersection

Bethel Farm Three-way Intersection

└ Bethel Farm Three-way Intersection

Pass the auto camping site and a fork in the road will appear. Take the left. The path will bend right and pass through the village and go into the mountain. You have to climb up a hill for about 3km until the three-way intersection on the top of the forest path.

Forest Path Top Three-way Intersection

Forest Path Top Three-way Intersection

└ Forest Path Top Three-way Intersection

Bethel Farm

└ Bethel Farm

Once you pass the village, the paved road will stop and a dirt path will begin. Proceed a bit further and you will reach a fork in the road. Take the left to get o Bethel Farm.

Forest Path

Uphill path

└ Uphill path

Military facility, Valley three-way intersection

└ Military facility, Valley three-way intersection

Pass Bethel Farm and go up a bit further and then make the right to an uphill path where there is a house. The path between the large pine nut trees bends a lot and has a gentle incline. GO a bit to the left and you will reach a fork in the road as your range of vision broadens. The path on the left leads to military facilities and the path on the right leads to the valley.

Valley Path

Valley path

└ Valley path


└ Valley

Once you enter the downhill valley path, the cool wind will dry your sweat. This is an off-road bicycle track that goes around the valley until the village where Yeoulnae Ranch is located. It is not a big valley, but the water is clear and it is cozy, making it perfect for a rest.

Thicket Path

Thicket Path

└ Thicket Path

The valley path changes to a thicket path and becomes broader, and leads all the way to the village. Enjoy the ride amidst the clear air and beautiful thickets, and you will soon get to your arrival.

Yeoulnae Ranch

Yeoulnae Ranch

└ Yeoulnae Ranch

Three-way Intersection

└ Three-way Intersection

Pass Yeoulnae Ranch and a fork in the road will appear with a sign showing the direction to Cheorwon-gun Office.
This course is even better in the summer as you can enjoy a ride in the cool breeze among trees, wind and waterfalls. Take a trip to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cheorwon!

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