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Hwacheon Oxygen Path Course Filled with the Clean Energy of Water

Travel Info

Course Introduction

Hwacheongyo Bike Rental Center- Mireuk-bawi- Ttansan- Hwacheon Dam- Pontoon Bridge- Donggurae Village- Mountain Path (Wildflower Path)- Lotus Flower Complex~ Hwacheongyo (Br.)
* The start point is the bike rental center, and it is 300m straight after making a left from Hwacheon Terminal.



There are various oxygen trails all around Gangwon-do, and Hwacheon’s oxygen path can accommodate both pedestrians and bicycles. There are various paths such as the forest path, water-top path on a floating bridge, and a waterside path that leads to Lotus Village.

Hwacheongyo (Br.) Bicycle Rental Center

Hwacheongyo (Br.) Bicycle Rental Center

└ Hwacheongyo (Br.) Bicycle Rental Center

There is a bicycle rental center at the 300m mark from Hwacheon Terminal towards Hwacheongang (Riv.). You can rent bicycles for free here and, and by giving your ID and rental fee, you will be returned with a ‘Hwacheon Love Gift Card’ upon return of the bicycle.



└ Mireuk-bawi

Mireuk-bawi Bicycle Trail

└ Mireuk-bawi Bicycle Trail

From the bicycle rental center, pass Hwacheongyo (Br.) and enter the bicycle trail. After about 3km on the bicycle path, you will arrive at Mireuk-bawi where there is a large circular sculpture. There are five Maitreya statues made with granite, and it is characterized by looking different depending on the angle of view. There is a pavilion nearby so you can take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature that unfolds before you.



└ Ttansan

Go about 5km from Mireuk-bawi and pass Ggeomeok Bridge. Proceed a bit further and take the downhill path on the right before Cheonyeo-gogae to get to Ttansan park. Pass the cement bridge that goes across Hwacheongang (Riv.) and take the path on the left.

Hwacheon Dam

Hwacheon Dam

└ Hwacheon Dam

It takes another 2.5km to get to Hwacheon Dam from here. Take the left at the fork in the road to get to the Masou Salmon World Park or go straight to get to Hwacheon Dam where you can see Paroho Lake. If you have the time, why not stop by both? Come back and instead of passing the cement bridge to Ttansan Park, go straight along the river.

Pontoon Bridge

Pontoon Bridge

└ Pontoon Bridge

Bridge to Forest

└ Bridge to Forest

Once you get to the Ggeomeok Bridge, pass the bridge towards the right. Then, pass Gumangyo (Br.) and go right and pass Daebunggyo (Br.) to get to the two pontoon bridges on the river. The pontoon bridge of Hwacheon is a bridge made by connecting empty drum cans or plastic cans and placing a deck on top of it. The riverside bridge heading towards the forest is the most famous place of the Hwacheon Oxygen Path. Enjoy the thrill of passing the pontoon bridge and you will arrive at a single path to the forest. You should get off your bicycle and step on the soft dirt path to enjoy a walk.

Donggurae Village

Aqua Resort

└ Aqua Resort

Donggurae Village

└ Donggurae Village

Go pass the bridge and cross another small bridge and go along the Hwacheon riverside next to the Woncheon Sports Park. Pass the Woncheon Fishing Area and Aqua Resort and the bicycle road ends, and you will enter Donggurae Village (Hwacheon-gun Craft Studio), which is a themed village on the theme of wildflowers.

Mountain Path (Wildflower Path)

Wildflower Path

└ Wildflower Path

This is an off-road mountain path that goes from Donggurae Village to the Lotus Complex and it is nicknamed Wildflower Path on the water that leads to the place to strike gold.

Lotus Flower Complex – Hwacheongyo (Br.)

Lotus Flower Complex

└ Lotus Flower Complex

Once you pass the tricky mountain path on the riverside is a lotus flower complex, and you can see a majestic scene of the river covered with lotus flowers in May and June. After exiting the lostu flower complex, pass Woncheon Sports Park and go about 7km along the bicycle trail, and you will arrive at the bicycle rental center were you started, and the Hwacheon Oxygen Path course will end.
Instead of staying in your warm home on a cold winner day, how about enjoying the cold air and breathing in the fresh air of nature and taking a look around the Oxygen Path? If you’re lucky and there is snow, you will be able to see a beautiful scene covered in white.

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