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Pyeongchang Gangneung Travel Course, a Preview of the 2018 Winter Olympics

Travel Info

Course Introduction

Pyeongchang Weoljeongsa Temple-> Alpensia Ski Jump Ramp-> Lodging (Gangneung)-> Gangneung Ojukheon-> Seongyojang-> Olympic PR Hall-> Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae-> Anmok Coffee Alley


Pyeongchang, Gangneung

The long wish of hosting the Winter Olympics will finally come true in Pyeongchang.
Winter sports meets nature. Take a look around the tourist destinations of Pyeongchang and Gangneung, the host of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and imagine the passion that will fill the area during the Olympics.

Weoljeongsa Temple

View of Weoljeongsa Temple

└ View of Weoljeongsa Temple

Front of Weoljeongsa Temple

└ Front of Weoljeongsa Temple

It is said that Weoljeongsa Temple was built here as Buddhist High Priest Jajang Yulsa believed that Manjusri was present here. It is the main temple of the 4th parish of the Jogye Sect of Korean Buddhism and shows the essence of Buddhist culture. Weoljeongsa Temple of Odaesan (Mt.) is famous for its needle fir forest path that took a thousand years to make by nature. The gate with the sign ‘Weoljeongdaegaram’ is about 1km away from the worship temple. The thick forest that blocks the sun is stable and cozy like the majesty found in everyday things like the forest. At the end of the road awaits the world of Buddha, Weoljeongsa Temple. The clear sounds of mantra and the holy scent of incense that has unchanged for a thousand years have an energy different from that of the human world.

Alpensia Ski Jump Ramp/Observatory

Alpensia Observatory

└ Alpensia Observatory

Alpensia Ski Jump Ramp

└ Alpensia Ski Jump Ramp

From Weoljeongsa Temple, head towards Alpensia Resort where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. The ski jump ramp that will be used for the ski jump competition reveals its magnifence. This was where the film was filmed making it look familiar. Take the elevator from the tower up 90m to the jump lounge, and the height might make your legs shake. There are two ski jump ramps – K98, K125. K refers to critical point, and is the abbreviation for the German word Kritisch Point. The flight distance is added to K. K98 jump ramp means the standard flight distance is 98m. You must get over 98m in distance to get the basic score, and then fly further to receive additional points.
When you step up to the start-line, you will be reminded of the OST of the film . You can also take a photo as if you are actually jumping at the photo zone.



└ Ojukheon

From Pyeongchang, pass Daegwallyeong to get to Gangneung. Historical figures that are always talked about regarding Gangneung is Shin Saimdang and Yulgok Yi I. Shin Saimdang was born here and lived here until the age of 38, and Yulgok was born here and lived here until 5. It is called ‘Ojukheon’ because there are many black bamboo trees here.


Seongyojang seen from outside

└ Seongyojang seen from outside

Entrance to Seongyojang

└ Entrance to Seongyojang

Seongyojang is another ancient house that represents Gangneung together with Ojukheon. Seongyojang is a 99-kan home of aristocrats right next to the beautiful lake Gyeongpo Lake next to the East Sea and Gyeongpodae, which is said to be the best scenery of ther region.
This is a typical aristocrat house that was said to at one time have 10 buildings and over 120 kan, and it is the first old home to be designated as a national cultural heritage for a private home. Visitors can also sleep at Seongyojang and while its appearance is like a traditional Korean home, it has a kitchen, shower room and bathroom for user convenience.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics PR Experience Hall

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics PR Experience Hall

└ Pyeongchang Winter Olympics PR Experience Hall

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics PR Experience Hall

└ Pyeongchang Winter Olympics PR Experience Hall

Gangneung is the host city for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics ice games. If you have any questions about the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, go to the PR experience hall near Gyeongpo Lake. You can see the entire process for the preparation of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics such as the construction status and emblems from the bidding stage of the Winter Olympics. The sports games are expressed vividly as models making it easy to understand. You can also experience the winter sports at the 4D experience hall.

Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae

Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae

└ Gyeongpo Lake, Gyeongpodae

Gyeongpo Lake is near Olympic PR Hall. Gyeongpodae, which is one of the eight best scenes of Gwandong is famous for its beautiful view since long time ago. Some say that the word Jeilgangsan in the pavilion was written by either the Joo JI-beon or Mibul, and there are also various words and signs of famous figures such as the Gyeongpodaebu written by Yulgok Yi I on the ceiling and a poem written by Sukjong.

Gangneung Coffee Alley

Gangneung Coffee Alley

└ Gangneung Coffee Alley

Gangneung is a city of coffee. It was said that this street was created when couples from Seoul used to visit there and enjoy a cup of vending machine coffee. Now, there are many roasteries with their own unique aromas and flavors. You can look at the ocean from the café window. The Anmok Coffee Alley is a popular destination for young couples and the street is filled with the rich aromas of coffee.


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